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Bill dispute

Tuning in

Hoping someone can help.

Having a disagreement about bill. Made a complaint about price increase in March, never heard anything back from online complaint form. Around same time I activated Volt for my o2 mobile. Unknown to to me this went down as an upgrade on virgin media package to which changed my package. I spent 1 hour 40 mins on phone to virgin today getting passed from pillar to post. Nobody could resolve my issue. I initially disputed the March increase but reluctantly agree to pay that backdated to March. I will not pay late payment charges that have built up. I have been told my services are due to be cut off even though I have paid my £44 every month. I cant pay until end of month. If I get cut off then I will find another provider and virgin media wont get any money from me. 


Alessandro Volta

If you don't pay VM's requested amounts or indeed stop the direct debit then they'll record that as a default under a credit agreement, and your credit history will be stained, and can then cause problems for the next six years with credit providers, mortgages, car finance, property rental, energy or telephone contracts.  All this happens through IT systems, refusing to pay won't make anyone at VM pay any human attention to your underlying problem and complaint.  Sounds like they're already treating this as overdue, and your credit history may already be in trouble.  A quick check on Experian may clarify that.

Activating Volt benefits should not (on its own) create a new contract, so taking what you say at face value rather than trying to unpick the detail, I'd suggest you use the original complaint reference as the basis for an escalation to CISAS, the industry complaints adjudicator.  Be clear on the story of the problem, the unrequested contract, unagreed new charges, failure to handle the complaint properly, and specify you want the matter resolving by the removal of the unagreed new contract, correction of the price to what it should be (?), compensation for the poor customer service, also for the poor complaint handling, also for the imposition of an unagreed new contract, and most importantly of all, for VM to clean up the credit history mess.

You might want to give VM staff here the chance to resolve the matter before you involve CISAS, as that's potentially quicker and easier for you.  Sometimes the forum staff can get complicated things resolved for people, occasionally they can't or the company won't, and that's when CISAS is your only route forward.


Thanks for the reply Andrew.

I have thought about my credit history side of things and I just dont care any more. Already lost everything through covid then you get these leaches trying to push you over the edge. I will not let them hold me to ransom. 

Hopefully someone can help because spending hours on the phone to no avail is unacceptable. I will take it to CISAS in time.

Thanks again.

Hi Maddox88,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry  to hear you are still in dispute and haven't been able to get a resolution, I will go into this further with you, I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received click on the purple envelope to accept.