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Bill beyond contract date

Just  off the phone. 

My contract terminated 14/2/19

I checked my bank account this morning, 16/2, and find that on 15/2 Virgin deducted money for the billing period period 14/2 until 13/3/2019.

I rang and was told this is procedure as my phone was live until 21/2 as I had selected to retain my phone number.

I was told , initially, that I would receive a refund of £44.92 then told later in the conversation that it was to be £54.89 

I was cut off early on 10/2/ internet until my new provider connected me. 

I was told during my conversation today that I would receive a "loss of service credit"

V.M.also sent an email on 11/2 stating that I would receive an equipment returns package. (still waiting)

I also received a text message from VM stating a visit by an engineer would be made on 14/2!!

What on earth is happening here?

I'm concerned as this money has been removed from my account and no service has been provided.

I.m also concerned that this will happen again next month .

I was told that I would receive the credit within 35, yes 35 working days...7 weeks!!...that,s another billing cycle.

So , you've taken money from me for doing nothing and retaining it for up to 7 weeks??

I need this money now. I need reassurance that this will not reoccur at the next billing cycle.

Bad....very bad



Now, I, concerned that money has b







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Re: Bill beyond contract date

If you pay by Direct Debit, cancel it. You are in control of Direct Debits cancellation (VM cannot cancel them),  if you don’t cancel it it will just remain in place and any hiccups with the VM billing systems could loose you money. 

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Re: Bill beyond contract date

Hi alexs80 thanks for messaging us. That is correct and it would be sent via cheque as this is how Media refunds are processed Chris 

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