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Bereavement help

Have tried to contact Virgin re an account for an elderly relation for which I have had a Power of Attorney (provided to Virgin). My aunt has died and when I called from my mobile - the automated call answering system associated my number with the account - great I thought. However as I was unable to pass security due to not knowing the exact amount of the last bill, they needed to speak to the account holder. Tried to explain that she had died and that is why I was contacting them - said they couldn't help unless they spoke to her..... Am now stuck as the bereavement form to notify them states that I need to be able to return any property to them - this I can't do as I now no longer have access to the property where the Virgin box is. So can't sign something accepting liability for something I can't do and can't speak to them as they need to speak to a dead person. 

Am stuck having tried calling them 3 times - seem totally inflexible with no common sense or understanding of dealing with bereavement. Am now not only frustrated but also extremely upset as having to have to post this while dealing with my grief. Any suggestions please?


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Forum Team (Retired) Joe_F
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Re: Bereavement help

Hello cjg1212


I am very sorry to hear this and would like to offer my condolences to you and your family, I want to get this sorted out for you straight away.
I will send you a private message so we can look into this in more depth and get it resolved for you.


Thanks Joe_F

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