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Being threatened to be charged for the kit I HAVE returned


With the beggining of October I've let you know that I'll be moving away to another city on 29.10 and need to terminate my contract around then. Everything has seemed to be going fine and I was supposed to receive the return packaging to deliver the modem back to you, it was supposed to come in like 2 weeks so I would have enough time to handle that.. But no, the kit never arrived and since I didn't feel like paying you £40 for nothing, on the day before I moved out I went to the nearest VM store in Coventry and asked what am I supposed to do with this problem. I was told that I can just leave the kit with them and the situation will be handled.. So I did and of course it wasn't, I still regularly receive texts/emails with threats from you that I'll have to pay £40. Even after I've called you a few weeks ago and the lady that I spoke with (btw calling you is an absolute nightmare, your automatic service just doesn't detect the key presses no matter on what phone I call and it really makes me angry as it takes ages to contact you because of that..) confirmed that you have received my kit and it should all be sorted with no more emails, charges, anything. This company is impossible and absolutely unprofessional.. Ever since I ordered to have the broadband connected which took you 2 MONTHS!
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