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Been given the runaround while trying to cancel all my services.

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Hi all…like many customers I’m wanting to cancel my services because of the new T&C’s coming in. After fighting to get on the queue for retentions, I waited 30 minutes only to have my call disconnected!

are there any other ways I can give notice without going demented?


Alessandro Volta

Cancel by post using a signed-for first class delivery service

Knows their stuff


Do they cut one off 30 days later or immediately?

Just wondering how they react and when to get new Provider ordered and set up.

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Alessandro Volta

You give VM the notification you wish to cancel your services and 30 days later your services should be disconnected.

Usual advice on here though is to try to overlap services when you switch supplier (either to or from VM) if it is feasible/affordable to do so.

Any new supplier may not be immune from installation delays. If you leave VM running and overlap with a new supplier you can also try out the new service and see if it works as expected within your 14 day cooling off period. If any problems crop up you can always fall back to VM. Once you are happy the new service is working as expected you can cancel VM.

This does involve an extra expense of the overlap for a period of time but reduces the potential to be cut off entirely from broadband/phone etc. if something goes wrong with the switch with either supplier.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

One thing to be wary of with overlapping suppliers in this instance.

Make sure that your cancellation request is given to VM by the cut off date in the email, otherwise you will be liable to early termination fees if you give VM your request after that date.

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