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Be very careful when negotiating a new contract

Dialled in

Phoned yesterday to negotiate a new contract and found out I have 3 months left on my current contract.

Lady tried to (in a very sly way) cut my current (cheaper) contract short by 3 months and start the new one immediately, no additions to the package with a £5 per month increase.

Asked about slower broadband prices and was told that 1Gbps was the same price as M500, M350 was only £8 per month cheaper. So I told her I would remain on 1Gbps as it was pointless going any lower at those prices.

I asked her why she was starting it now when our current contract had 3 months remaining, she bamboozled me with numbers and dates and the contract I received today displayed my contract starting 1 month sooner than my current contract expires. I understand you have to phone 30 days in advance but the contract then kicks in a month later, right?

Today I get an email of the new contract.

1Gbps has been removed and M500 added (this was not what I agreed to)

Contract kicks in 1 month earlier than it should.

I phoned back today, spoke to a nice chap who cancelled the contract, told me to phone back 30 days before my contract expires to sort it out. Also told me I did not have to be in a contract for the same monthly price.

The only disappointment was that he told me that downgrading my speed (to save money) could result in a less reliable connection. I couldn't be bothered arguing with the guy but we all know how untrue that statement is.