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Bad service !!

I have been a  customer for a long time I joined when the cables were first laid in our area first it was Bell cablemedia, then NTL then virgin took over. At least 25 years in total. Last week I moved house and unfortunately had to change providers as you dont provide a service in the area. I gave months notice and asked for it to be disconnected on 12th September. Since I gave notice I have had regular texts and emails saying that I havent sent the equipment back and threatening to charge me, I rung and said that I wasnt being disconnected until the 12th but still themessages keep coming !! Today I received a final warning although I sent them saturday. Ive never really had any problems with you before but as soon as I leave I start getting threats from you !!! Not a good recommendation for me to pass on to others who I could recommend you to !!!

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Re: Bad service !!

Hi chapman350,

I hope you'll soon settle into your new house and be very happy there.

The equipment emails are automated.

There have been a few posts recently where customers have been asked to return their equipment before the contract end date.

Looking at the responses from Forum Staff the emails shouldn't be sent out until the account is actually closed, and customers are usually allowed up to 30 days to return the equipment.

The equipment is sent by Collect Plus and scanned into the system on mass, so people can still be getting reminders after the equipment has been returned, until the systems have been updated. 

Once the systems have the correct info regarding the returns then the automated emails will stop, and any charges applied in error will be corrected.



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