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Bad customer service, can't get help cancelling

Joining in

I can't believe how bad this company is. Below is a copy of the 3rd complaint I've sent in.  

"I have been trying to cancel my package but have been unable to because of extremely long call and chat wait times and then, once I was through to a customer service representative I got cut off, they had asked for my phone number in case we got cut off but then never rang me back. I sent in a complaint about it on 2/10/2023 and asked again to cancel my package.

I also asked to be dealt with via email. I got an email back stating I would have to pay exit fees but I do not because Virgin changed their terms and sent me an email saying I could cancel fee free because of the changes. The email said to call if I had an issue with this despite me saying I wanted everything to be dealt with via email.

I wrote back to that email and got no response so I made another complaint, ref C-091023962, on the 09/10/2023 but that complaint isn't even showing on the tracked complaints system. I haven't had an acknowledgement of it either. I took a screen shot of the complaint after I sent it though so I have proof it was made as it said "We've received your complaint C-091023962".

I have screen shots of all complaints made and intend to go to the ombudsman Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme if I do not get a satisfactory response from Virgin from this 3rd complaint. I have read online that Virgin is being investigated by the ombudsman for how difficult it is for customers to cancel so I'm sure they would be happy to help me resolve this issue if Virgin do not. I have cancelled my direct debit because I will not be paying exit fees, I am not liable for.

See below excerpt from email received from Virgin about exit fees-

We’re changing our out-of-home WiFi service and pricing terms

“Hello Katherine,

We're writing to tell you about some changes that’ll affect our out-of-home WiFi hotspots and the way our price rises will work from 2024 onwards.

Please make sure you read this whole email carefully. If you’re unhappy with any of the changes announced, you can cancel your package any time before 31/10/2023, without paying any cancellation fees."

1), acknowledge complaints made. Where has complaint C-091023962 gone?? There was no email acknowledgement about it and not being tracked in the ‘my cases section’ either. I have a screen shot proving you received it though.

2) Send me conformation that my package is cancelled without cancellation fees.

3) An apology for the horrible customer experience would be great but I won't keep my hopes up.

As stated before, I have copies and screen shots of all correspondence and will be happy to take this matter up with the appropriate authorities."