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Automated discount offer on 150: does it reset?

Having received the recent notification of an upcoming £3.50 price increase to my out-of-contract bundle I decided to give CS a call to see if I could negotiate some sort of discount. The new price will push me over the £90 threshold beyond which I have always attempted renegotiation, with mixed results.

I gave 150 a call and was surprised to hear the automated offer of a £3.50 discount for six months when I selected the thinking of leaving option. I've never heard one of these messages before but I've since seen forum posts going back a few years so I guess they're nothing new. Anyway, while I was cogitating on the offer and trying to decide whether to take it or hold out for something better, the option timed out and I was put through to the password response system followed by the queue.

Things being they way they are I didn't fancy sitting in the queue for an hour or more, so I decided to call back with the intention of accepting the automated discount, effectively cancelling out the upcoming price increase temporarily and putting off the renegotiation until the summer when things might, fates willing, be closer to normality.

Some will be ahead of me here. When I hung up and called back, no automated offer was presented.

I've since looked at a couple of posts and replies on here which suggest, quite sensibly in theory, that VM's automated systems don't constantly re-offer a discount that a customer has already rejected. The main problem with this is that I didn't technically reject it, I just didn't accept it in time.

So my question is: is there a fixed delay associated with this automated offer, and if so does anyone know how long I should leave things before calling again in the hope of triggering it? The actual bill increase doesn't happen until March 1st so I've got a few weeks, but it'd be nice to have a rough timescale.

Even if these offers are strictly one-offs and I've definitely lost my opportunity, that would also be useful to know so that I can steel myself for the long-hold-and-haggle session.

TIA for any useful info.

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