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At my wits end with you people.

Right, to the subject.

Back in November i was contacted for a package upgrade that would apparently cost only 50p extra over the 34 pounds that i was already paying. My package had already been renewed in april or may of last year. A thing that i was suprised about, as i would've expected you people to wait the full 12 months before contacting me for an upgrade/renegotiation. Yet you did, in november. Now i was fine with the 50p extra. But last month i get a bill for 60 pounds. Out of the blue no notification, nothing.  I would expect that after a new offer is made, the 12 months would need to pass until and reset  occurs  regarding my bill. That did not happen. 

NOW. I've been trying to get in contact with ANY human at your call centers, but flying to the moon seems more achievable for me. This is an URGENT matter. I can NOT afford to pay this much money for something i didn't ask for OR EVEN USE! Ever since i received the hardware for the tv, it has remained in the box, the remote control is still in it's packaging. So why now, do i have to pay for crap that i don't use?

Tried using your messaging service, barely anyone was in contact with me, just talking to a chat bot. Needles  to say my issue is not resolved, i am still being charged for a landline i have NEVER  used  AND STILL BEING CHARGED for a TV  i have NEVER USED!

What is the best course of action? Do i just drop the whole subscription? I don't see you people resolving my issue anytime soon or ever for that matter. I've already tried calling, i'm being hung up on and being redirected  to one of the most useless F.A.Q. section that i've seen in my life. Texting, with the speed of 3 texts a day(on your part) i might get this problem fixed after Christmas.

What a dissapointment.

And if you're going to give a generic "we're sorry reply" just don't, you're wasting valuable time and i don't care about apologies, they do nothing for me.

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