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Amazon Voucher not sent after one month of phone calls

We got our broadband direct through the Virgin Media website in May, which had an offer for a £95 voucher. It has been over 120 days which means we should have received it by now, we spent the last month calling every week and each time they told us something new..


They said you will hear in 3 days... They said try the account number on amazon (amazon said no idea what you are talking about).. Then they said you will hear back in 3 days, again... Never heard back at all.

I am getting close to reporting Virgin for advertising fraud because they clearly have no intention of handing these vouchers out



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Re: Amazon Voucher not sent after one month of phone calls

Hi @kjsch31 

VM haven't offered gift vouchers as an incentive now for a couple of years, so you will have signed via a third party, using either an email link, or web link from that site which will have had a redirection that took you to a specific page ralated to the third party on the VM site.

Details of how to recieve your gift/vouchers are sent to the email address provided after 120 days from your purchase.

There's a screenshot of the original email you should have received from VM when first registering at trhe bottom of the page with all the relevant details.

The following link should also help 

If it was via Giftcloud or broadband choices then the following applies

You need to contact the Decision Technologies Support Team at  

and quote the following:

1.your purchase date,

2. the product/package purchased

3. Order ref. WS (and 7 numbers) or CH (and 10 numbers)

4. If you have a link to the T&C (not required)

amazon vouchersamazon vouchers


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