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Am I considered a "new" customer if cancel and resubscribe?

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I'm currently paying £74 (with discounts) for bb/tv/phone and my contract ends in late December. We no longer use the V6 box so changing to a package with only BB+phone is ideal. On VM's website I found a package offering M500+Talk any time+Virgin stream on a 18 month contract for only £45 p/m, unfortunately, it's only for new customers.

So my question is: would I be eligible for this package if I cancel and resubscribe after 30 days? because I'm not sure if they'll treat me as a "returning" customer rather than a "new" customer.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Luqybb91, thank you for reaching out.

To answer your question, you would have needed to be away from us for at least 30 days before you can sign up again with us.

However, we do offer packages like this via your online account if this is what you are looking for?

If you go to your online account from here log in and you will be able to see what deals we can offer you. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

But yesterday I contacted VM and tried to get that package but to no avail, and after an hour of haggling I just gave up. How can I get that package without cancelling and resubscribing returning as a new customer? They did offer me m500+phone but it was for £79 p/m, way more than the £45 p/m new customers get.

Hey Luqybb91, thank you for reaching out and I understand. 

However these deals are only for new customers, like most business they do something like this.

This discount is only something that can be had once and this is when you start with us.

However we do offer existing customers some amazing deals, did you look on the link to see if there is any deals at all? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

I've checked the link, it just directs me to a page with the options of live chat, or ringing customer service. I've already done that and it got me nowhere.

Read this post (and perhaps the rest of that thread).  As a broad rule, an inbound call (ie you call them) will never get as good a deal as an outbound call (they call you after you've issued 30 days notice), but you can't rely 100% on that call being made or you being around to take it.  And the more contact you've had with VM, the more it tells them that you're not really wanting to take your business elsewhere, so less pressure to retain you at any cost.

Hi Luqybb91, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. I'm sorry to hear that nothing is coming up on the link you were given. 

As Matthew mentioned, the deals on the website are for new customers only. From time to time, we have special offers and promotions to welcome new customers on board. When this offer ends, the package price will revert to the standard package price for the bundle. 

Although they may not always be available to existing customers, that doesn't mean that you miss out once you've joined us. We often have offers and special deals on our services, or one-off promotions to make sure you carry on getting the value you'd expect. These do change from day to day but if it doesn't go down as much as you'd like then there wouldn't be anything else we can do I'm afraid. 

To be classed as a brand new customer, 90 days / 3 months must have passed. Until then, you would be classed as a returning customer. If you were to cancel your services, once this amount of time has passed our sales team will be able to process the new order for you but it will be based on new promotions at the time as opposed to what's showing now. 

I hope that clears things up for you. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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You know, and with all due respect to the two forum team members involved, I just can’t but help to see this thread as an example of the dysfunctional and chaotic way that VM seem to operate. The original poster asked if they could leave and then immediately sign up as a ‘new user’ and hence get the reduced tariff. The answer from Matthew (post 2) says that you need to have left for 30 days before being eligible to sign up again. Now to be fair, Matthew doesn’t explicitly say that this would allow an ex-customer to sign up as a ‘new user’, but if not then it implies that someone who left wouldn’t be able to rejoin under any circumstances or however much they were prepared to pay, within 30 days - seems an odd policy, no?

But now in the post above we have Kath (also a member of the same forum team), who firstly refers to the basic truth of Matthew’s post but then outright seems to contradict him by saying that the minimum period is 90 days or three months!

So which is it? 30 days or 90 days, or indeed is there actually no firm ruling about this and forum team members are either just making it up on the fly or reporting something they vaguely remember hearing in a training meeting sometime in the past, which may or may not have ever been ratified by management or has subsequently been changed but the memo never made it out to everyone!

Or maybe both are right, so if I were to give notice now and leave in 30 days time (the required notice period) but then two days later realised I had made a terrible mistake and asked to rejoin on my original (full price) contract, I would be told “‘No, as punishment for leaving, you are denied the grace of receiving VM services for 30 days, after which you will, grudgingly, be allowed to pay us the full amount on the same contract. However if you are prepared to do 90 days of penance in the wilderness, then, indeed you can be received in to the arms of VM as a new sinner customer and receive the benefits accordingly”

Tough one, isn’t it…..?


looks like virgin media don't know if it is 30 or 90 days 

@bhaskarsamani wrote:

looks like virgin media don't know if it is 30 or 90 days 

I've always been told by retentions outbound that it's 2 months (60 days) as a minimum to be classed as a new customer in the same name.