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Added TV service now reduced to 100Mbps from 200Mbps

Had an infuriating couple of days with Virgin I had the standard broadband and phone (200mbps package) was all going fine until I decided to add TV to the package!

Basically without warning after using the online portal to upgrade my TV I receive an email the next day telling me I'm now back down to 100mbps despite the contract in the same email attached saying 200mbps. In this email contains zero information on what I go on to be told next....

30 mins waiting on the phone the customer support basically said I have been temp reduced due to installing the 360 TV service which requires coding etc. Ok im thinking but this hasnt been explained to me he also said your 200mbps would be restored that night it wasnt.

Next day I use the online support chat after I keep on pushing and not budging and being told something different again. Basically said your package has changed due to a promotional code so you have been reduced to 100mbps until 5th of May when your TV installed.

I said I fail to understand why my Internet been reduced to install a TV package it dosnt make sense to me. But anyway the lady in the chat apologised reconnected me and said I have put 200mbps back on I have done the codes there will be no charges to your account. I did a speedtest and it showed im still on 100mbps she said the speed would get faster as the night goes on. It still says in my account 100mbps although I wish I said that on the online chat at the time now fast forward to 11pm now I get 70mbps on a speedtest!

Well a £1.01 charge has been added since using that online chat I havnt even had my first bill so its showing in the partial month charges. I know it been added because they ask for your last bill charge total Im as a verification question im like what the hell has gone on in two days to be in this mess.

All I want is 200mbps and TV to be added if I knew it would be this bad and hassle I would not of bothered. I would not be to bothered if they have explained this in the first place and also Im currently going to sit on 100mbps for 8 days when contractually im paying for 200mbps with no discount offered.

Also it says I have been given a Hub 4 in my contract I actually havnt I've got a Hub 3.

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