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Account restricted

Without using this so called pandemic as an excuse, I am self employed and currently one and a bit months behind on my bills for Virgin Media. I made a partial payment last week in order to try and keep on top of the bill, even though the girl I spoke to said that there would be a "compromise" due to the situation, yet I am now told there is no record of that conversation!

Tonight, my services were restricted! Whilst companies around the world are doing all they can to work with their customers by offering payment breaks etc, Virgin Media are cutting people off?

The internet is a lifeline to some, myself included. As I am in the "at risk" group, as much as I want to go and work to pay my bills as usual, I can't! My "reward" for being a VM customer? They cut me off!

The girl that I spoke to indicated that as long as I was not two months behind on bills, the service would not be restricted. That's why I made the partial payment and yet here I am, not two months behind and still have restricted services!

Can someone please explain to me a few things?

1. Why is there no record of my call?
2. Why tell me there would be a "compromise"?
3. Why are services being restricted when customers are not two months behind?
4. Why are employees of VM not telling the truth and doing all they can to milk customers for payment during these times?

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Re: Account restricted

Hi batman,


Thanks for posting on our community forum. We appreciate the predicament with the current situation your are in. Unfortunately if you have already been restricted you will need to contact our collections team to discuss this matter further and find a resolution for you.


We do not take payments through this forum so we will be unable to help your further with this query. We suggest calling our collection team on 0345 142 4444 or use our messaging service on +44753 305 1809.


Our team will be happy to help you further and tell you of the next steps to take.


Kind regards Jodi

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