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Account in Default and Repossession

Joining in

Hi there, 

I had a 12 month minimum contract for Wifi with Virgin Media at a property in the Belfast area from August 2021 -August 2022, the end of which led to some dispute.

At the end of July/start of August 2022 (it was a long time ago now so specific dates have eluded me) I rang up the helpline to let them know of my intent to cancel the contract after the 12 month period at the end of August 2022, coinciding with the end of my lease in the property. The person on the end of the Virgin Media helpline was very unhelpful as it turned out, pretending to understand and quickly agree with what I was asking of them but instead, they turned off the wifi immediately after the call - leading to an early cancellation fee. With no idea why my wifi had been turned off, I phoned back up and asked them to turn it back on for the remainder of the 12th month contract. To which they did very promptly.

The issue then came when after I paid the bill for the final month of wifi (£41 as with the previous months) I was hit with another bill of £53 out of the blue which was made up of an Early cancellation, reactivation on top of another month from the date it was turned back on in early august. 

I couldn't believe how the people on the helpline couldn't understand my frustration at having to pay for all these conditions even though I was phoning to simply cancel at the end of the month when the contract expired. Why would I want to cancel early, re-activate the wifi, and pay for another month of which I wouldn't even be in the property?! 

After numerous phone calls and discussions with different members on the "help"-line, I was getting nowhere, they're only solution was that I pay the bill so that it was resolved. I hope someone on this forum that works for Virgin can understand my frustration and see why this bill is absolutely absurd. 

After contacting my bank and stating a refusal to pay the value demanded from me, I returned the wifi kit responsibly and informed Virgin I was unhappy with the treatment, especially having successfully paid for 2 terms of wifi at different properties (24 months no missed payments). Virgin then set a default and repossession order on my account that has heavily impacted my credit score and is preventing me from getting approved for credit-based amenities. 

Can anyone who works for the Virgin Media team please get in contact to help negotiate the terms of the bill presented to me that is still outstanding? 

Thank you, 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey CKING23, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am really sorry to hear about this billing issues.

This could of been your last payment, it would of mentioned on the bill here.

With the last bill once a payment was made if any refunds wore due they would of been refunded via a cheque refund within 45 days.

If the bill did get a credit mark on it, once this bill has been paid it would get removed 21 working days after.

If it has been this long and it is still showing please do email and they will get this looked into for you. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi there Matt, 

If you had properly read and considered the post you were replying to you would see that I did not infact pay the outstanding bill because it wasn't a just bill. I had paid 12 months (£41 a month) of the 12th month contract but I am being charged an extra £53 outstanding of my bill that I believe is unjust and do not plan to pay. 

I ask that someone from virgin media will listen to why I believe it is unjust and why I am refusing to pay, instead of the current course of action was to ignore me and post a default and repossession order on my account. 

I have contacted the email you provided but I am expected to be passed to another point of contact from there, which appears to be the way this company operates... 





Thanks for the reply @CKING23 on the forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the poor billing experience you have had.
I will look in to this for you and get you the resolution required.
I will send a private message.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @CKING23,

Thank you for coming back to myself and Ilyas via Private Message! I'm glad that we've been able to assist with resolving your query.

If there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know. We're here if you need us.

Thank you! 😊 

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs