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Account creation glitch

I have created a new email address while creating a new 'My Virgin Media' Media account for my step-mom. I have set the password. When accessing the new 'My Virgin Media' account I get bounced to a fault page that states it is not working at this time. When contacting VM by phone they say that the new email address has not been linked to the person's account yet. I was asked to wait two days and access it again through the website. I have done this and it still does not work and when using the 'don't know user name' link it says the 'My Virgin Media' account  is not known. If I try to create the 'My Virgin Media' account again it now says the email address is not available anymore.

I need to create her 'My Virgin Media' account on the VM website so she can start to manage her upgrade to broadband etc. Do I just start creating her 'My Virgin Media' account again with a new email address or will the work I did block everything?


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