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Account Transfer Questions

Hey all, 

Myself and my ex-housemate recently went through the process of completing a transfer of responsibility today it seems like that transfer has happened but I've noticed some irregularities in the process that was explained vs what has actually happened during the switch.

Originally we had an account in my ex-housemates name but the direct debit for the account was set up using my payment information. My housemate moved out and we started the process of transferring the account into my name. 

When we called we were told since it's just changing the name on the account there wouldn't be a charge but today I received an email confirming the change of responsibility and a message stating that a £20 charge would be added to the account.. Not only that but my account would also show advance charges for next month on top of my charge for this month... so all in all over £100 to pay this month?

Is this right?! 

nearly £70 in administration and advanced charges seems pretty steep to just simply change the name on a contract. 

I was also told that before the switch happened I would receive a call to give me the opportunity to change my current broadband speed before entering a brand new minimum contract on the same speed (originally I was interested in upgrading to 1GB speeds) this phone call never took place. So more false information.

Some clarification would be great, as the communication and "tale of events" up until this point has been pretty shocking.

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Re: Account Transfer Questions

Hi James,


Thanks for reaching out to us in our community, when a transfer is done the first bill will be higher as this is charged on a pro Rata basis plus the £20 transfer fee.






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