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Account Costs

I signed up for a new contract yesterday (01/04/20) as my present contract was ending. On the phone i was told that the cost of this would be £44/month. I then received an email from Virgin media to tell me that the cost would be £61.50/month rising to £64 in October. When I check my bills online it states that the next bill will be for £61.50 (which I would never have agreed to). When I go into upgrades it tells me that my current package is for £46.50/month.

I am simply not prepared to pay £61.50 for my service. I have been a Virgin customer for a few years and also have 3 SIM cards with them. I further notice that the same contract for NEW customer is £29.99 per month.

Is it possible for someone to tell me what my bill actually is, and what happened to the £44/month I was quoted on the phone? I have tried numerous ways to contact Virgin including email, phone and chat but have had no success.


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