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Absolutely fuming 😡 wrong package

On our wavelength

I was on £31.50 a month 360Mbps (Volt) deal, Mega TV and Home Phone. On Saturday 25.11.23 during Black Friday I took 1Gbps upgrade offer for extra £5.32/month, making it £36.82/month, also I got £100 credit,  one month in advance and the current month charge is £63 that should be my first bill, so 100credit - 63 first bill = £37 credit on my account, until tonight when I got an awful surprise. Received an email about upgrade, no details about it. I was put on 500Mbps upgrade, also my bill now says £86.03 and that I have to pay £22.85 in January, also wiping all my credit out and my Volt speed boost disappeared. I’m beyond furious. First of all I never agreed to any such deal or upgrade costing that much, I got Whatsapp Msgs where I said what deal I wanted and how much it is costing, nowhere I was shown or agreed to this amount you are charging me on my account. It makes no sense at all, somebody better get back to me ASAP, not only that I’ll be cancelling this I’ll be reporting you to OFCOM for applying something without my agreement or approval. Pic one is my current contract £31.50 and pic 2 what you have applied. Even if you look at my upgrade options I can get them cheaper myself on my account than what you took upon yourself to apply to my account IMG_8920.pngIMG_8921.png