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About to do the renewal dance but for my mother-in-law.

Joining in

A mate of mine just renewed and got a package worse than mine for more money than me. I'm keen to avoid that fate for my mum in law.

She's currently on M125 (I think) and a pretty basic TV package. She's happy with that. But currently pays £60 a month which is more than I'm now paying for M350 and TV Mix.

I'm going to help her with the call to the VM sales team. What figure would you be aiming for?


Alessandro Volta

Impossible for anyone to give you an answer to that as a lot depends on your mother-in-law's options for alternatives to VM.

If she has loads of alternative suppliers VM will have to work hard to retain her custom. If VM is the only game in town with the services/speeds she wants then your/her haggling position is weaker.

If you go onto the VM website, should should be able to see the current packages on offer and these should show a new customer price and a 'standard' price once the minimum term period lapses. A renewal price might be somewhere between the two.

You'll prefer something near the new customer price, VM will prefer something near the standard price.

VM will offer the highest price it thinks it can get away with. That will be based on how likely VM thinks your mother-in-law will actually leave.

Do some research on the alternatives in her area so you have a good idea on alternative prices when you phone to know if any offer is any good or not. VM's offers tend to be 'of the moment' so if you hang up to think about it the offer probably will not be there when you phone back.

Try the advice from Andrew-G at the bottom of this topic ref renewing which may help

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi there kiral9,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

So just regarding any package related queries this can depend on what the team can offer, is your mum in law currently out of contract?