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£75 Amazon voucher

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Like many others I signed up for the M100 Fibre Broadband and was promised a £75 Amazon gift voucher in return. I completed my order through the email with the subject 'an update on your gift' as required. 

This occurred on 02/01/2021 and my start date for my contract was 30/01/2021. However I have still not received any emails from GiftCloud. 

Can anyone provide me with any update on when I may receive this voucher? 





Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon elliott55,


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and a very warm welcome to you


Can you please advise me how you signed up for the services with Virgin Media? Was this directly with us, or via a third party company?


Kindest regards,



Hi David,


I signed up for the services directly through Virgin Media. 




Thanks for coming back to me, have you been able to contact Amazon directly in regards to the issuing of the voucher?


Kindest regards,



I have not spoken to Amazon about this. I believe it is an agreement between Virgin Media and GiftCloud, the voucher issuer, is it not? I'm highly doubtful that Amazon would be willing or able to help me with this. 

This is a promotion Virgin Media have promoted, the onus is on yourselves to provide the deal I agreed to. If this is not the case then this would be false advertisement on Virgin's part. 



I'll be happy to look into this for you Ellott,


Hopefully I can find the voucher code, or at least the itemised voucher addition to your account


Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me


Kindest regards,



Morning David, could you also assist me with this same issue?

I ordered the 100 Fibre Broadband package on Thursday the 22nd of October, 2020, with an activation date of Fri the 6th of Nov 2020.

I ordered it directly from the virgin media website, Order ref: WS7239421.

I also received two emails from virgin media regarding giftcloud. titled:

  • "Thank you for submitting your details for the following offer:
    £75 Gift Card." 
  • "An update on your gift"

which both state "Details of how to receive your gift will be sent to the email address provided after 120 days from your purchase." I've monitored my spam folder and added to giftcloud email address to my safe senders list as recommended in the email.

It's now been 154 days since my purchase and I was hoping you'd be able to look into this for me please.

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I too should be due a £75 Amazon voucher.

I submitted my booking on 25/11/2020 and I believe this would have been confirmed by 28/11/2020 at the latest.

I have an email stating the following:

"You will receive your eGift once you have completed your booking and this purchase has been validated by Virgin Media. Details of how to receive your gift will be sent to the email address provided after 120 days from your purchase."

I should have received an email from giftcloud by 28/03/2021.

Can you advise how I may receive my voucher?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi jfmccann, 


Thanks for your first post with us. 


I am sorry to hear you have not received your voucher. 


When joining us, was this done directly or via a third party website please? 






Joining in


Thanks for your reply.

I signed up diectly with Virgin.

I registered for the offer and then used the link sent in an email to submit my request for a new account and an order for Virgin Media Ultrafast M100 Fibre Broadband.

See screenshot of email as below.