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Joining in

So I noticed my most recent bill was a bit high and wondered why. When I looked I was shocked to see that a £50 tune up fee had been added despite multiple agents conveniently not mentioning that the charge was to be added to my bill.

For context, I added a TV package to my broadband on Black Friday but was never sent a TV box. When I questioned this, I was initially just sent a remote in the post (no words). When I contacted VM again I was told they would send an engineer free of charge so as to ensure I received the TV BOX (fortunately I have kept the messages). Now I have this ‘tune up’ charge and can only presume Virgin have tried to sneak this in due to the TV box being installed which is ridiculous and sly. This isn't the first post about this 'tune up' fee being added to people's accounts on the sly! Be warned if you see this charge on your bill and don’t know why! I will be cancelling my direct debit until the charge is written off 😂


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mattmay, thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear of the fee you've been charged without prior warning or notification.

I can see that a colleague of mine has picked this up and is assisting you via our private messaging function.

Do please work with them on having this resolved, and please refrain from duplicate posting on our Forums, as this can result in multiple agents working on the same case.