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£100 Currys Voucher

Last year I signed up for Virgin and was told I would get a £100 Currys voucher.  As yet I have still not received this even though it has been a year!  I have chased Virgin several times who keep promising to look into it and nothing happens.  They've now given me the details for who have come back today and advised it's nothing to do with them!! Has anyone else had this problem as I am just going round and round in circles since the end of last year!! Any help would be much appreciated.

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Forum Team
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Re: £100 Currys Voucher

Hi pedro63,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.


Sorry that you haven't yet received your £100 Currys voucher that you should have got when signing up. I can appreciate you'd like to get this sorted. 


Do you have the confirmation email from when you joined which shows the voucher on it?


I'd need to take a look at your account, so I'm going to pop you a private message now. 









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