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why lie vm!

1st let me start by saying thanks for all the messages of welcome to the community.

SO i called vm to see if i could get a engineer to fix my landline ( see other post to catch up ) the machine said 2 minutes, 15 minutes later got through.

Nice man understood the problem and said will pass you on to someone who can help and inturn pass you on to a engineer, great i thought.

Sometime later got to a lady who took me through security again, told her the problem and what help i have received off the community boards, but she was more interested in when the bill was to be paid, i told her , then she said something which i could not understand and the music started again.

Again 2 minutes she said, over 20 minutes later i thought i got through to an engineer, no back to the start, security again, telling problem again, told me will pass you on to an engineer, que the music.

Being on the phone over an hour now, got nowhere, being lied to, more interested of bill being paid, fed up of being bouncing around vm.

So lets see if vm likes being lied to, bill is paid in full, in fact I am in credit?

Its bad enough when things go wrong, but when we call you up and being polite, don't lie to us because we don't like that, and you wonder why people complain about you.

Do the things you say you are going do, don't pass it on to someone else because it can come back to bite you.


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