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weekend chatter

Joining in

I was on weekend talk only now on a new contract it says weekend chatter was is weekend chatter


Yeah thanks for that goslow. I am aware of those companies but im talking about a landline not a mobile. There are perks to a landline that i need to keep. Like having a fixed location for it, ebul, tactile buttons, free voicemail etc. Overall i was happy with the deal so ill just conform.

1p mobile are only £36 for the year with unlimited calls and texts, and 250MB per month.

However, if you try for a package without the phone line, it ends up costing more?

Plenty of options to choose from in mobile providers. Lots of people stick with the landline on VM, as you say, because it is bundled. But, if a VM customer is considering a rethink of all services,they could consider if they really need/want the landline as it seems to offer increasingly poor VFM IMO and comes with hefty time restrictions on when it can be used and for how long on each call.

Plenty of VM customers keep the landline service, but never use it, which is also somewhat environmentally unfriendly to run and maintain all that infrastructure for no particular purpose for some people other than to keep VM's landline service as a going concern.

This might mean the customer ditches VM altogether for a provider that offers greater flexibility in what services it offers and that choice, in turn, might be limited for some based on where they live and what speeds they can get. That said, can't help but think VM's 'bundle' model of pricing is running out of road IMHO.

I am one of those. I only used my landline on weekends, even before I moved to 1p Mobile. Before that I was on 3 and 321.

I have used VOIP for the last 14 years or so, but since I moved to 1p Mobile, I do not even use that anymore. 🙂

Did the same sort of thing myself until last year. Kept the landline going just for some very elderly relatives to phone in on as that was their preferred method of comm's. Sadly the number of very elderly relatives is diminishing and the remaining ones can, and do, use mobiles so I ditched the landline and I don't miss it either!

The yearly 1pmobile deal looks good value for calls and texts and it appears to run on EE so assume you get good coverage too.

Hey WelshGasman, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

All your charges can be found here I hope this does help. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


I was not the one complaining about the charges?

Sorry it that wasn't for you however I hope the link will help someone. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?