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I was on weekend talk only now on a new contract it says weekend chatter was is weekend chatter


Alessandro Volta

@davidjenkins_uk wrote:

I was on weekend talk only now on a new contract it says weekend chatter was is weekend chatter

Refer to the 'Everyday Call Charges' document

pg 2 and pg 24 to compare 'Weekend Chatter' and 'Talk Weekends'

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello davidjenkins_uk.

Thanks for your post.

Just to follow on from the advice given by @goslow.

We changed our Talk Plan names around Autumn last year.

Everything remains the same, please don't panic.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Two main differences between Talk Weekends & Weekend Chatter.

1) Call charges for standard calls are 4p more a minute.

2) 0870 numbers are no longer inclusive at weekends.

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So the post before yours is a load of codswallop? 🙄

'Everything remains the same, please don't panic.'

Does this statement still include 'hang up within the hour'?

Weekend chatter offers unlimited weekend calls to UK landline (01, 02, 03) numbers.

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Yeh 4p increase on landlines. 60 mintues free to landline on weekend. 

But losing out on mobile weekend calls. 


So like most things, you're charged more and got less. That is a fact. 


They also didnt tell me this on the phone when changing and used the words "like for like" in describing my package. Basically phone service for me just became useless. Role on the depression and loneliness in the uk. 

Hi @U4nothing 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of this dispute - did you raise this with the team and if so what did they advise please?

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

If you think you were missold when renewing with VM you have a 14 day cooling off period which should allow you to go back to your previous package/price. Doubtless VM will not make that an easy/simple process though.

For anyone who makes regular use of the phone, but feels the landline is offering decreasing value for money with the increasing restrictions imposed on using it, mobile suppliers like giffgaff and Smarty offer monthly SIM-only packages from £6 per month with unlimited calls and texts. Combined with a cheap mobile phone, this might offer better value for money than using a landline for calls for anyone considering a change in their phone/broadband/mobile provision.

Not at the time because I was not aware of it. Id already spent over 2 hrs being ignored with an chatbot. Then on phone to sort a new deal due to expire of old package. Most of the time i cant even understand the phone operaters accents. Besides im mostly happy with the deal and i only need the phone for my elderly mom in emergencies.  Just botheres me that if something isnt like for like dont tell me it is especially if its a lie. Seeing other people confued by the changes and mostly unaware of them doesn't look good either.  The worst part is when you dont get a reason for the changes.

Hi @U4nothing thanks for your reply.

We do appreciate your comments here and do thank you for the feedback raised.

If you do need any further support then please don't hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks