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unable to make mobile calls yet again !

Joining in

Hi Virgin media so fed up with your service this time around have been a customer for over 5 years and yet again i am not able to make calls to mobile numbers this is the sixth time that this has happened every time i call i am told there is no record of the incident happening ! also on several occasions been told that i would get credit on my bill this as never happened Sort out you services i pay over 100.00 pound a month to you for a really terrible service!

Also been a massive fan of your products and customer service but like the discussions we are having at work more and more of us are coming off the service.

Been on the phone for ages this morning trying to get through and its just pointless !

Don't expect to get a reply but just feel i need to vent as it is totally not expectable for the level and service at these prices my 50.00 recommend a friend was never resolved from 5 years ago when i joined the service i just kept getting pushed from pillow to post and just eventually gave up because it really was too much stress along with time and effort to get it resolved i think is what you wanted !


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Nomis138 thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

Is this from your landline? If so, can you advise please what tone you're getting or error message when you try to make the call?
Please let us know.

Many thanks


Hi yes it is from my landline when you go to dial you just get a constant beep beep beep and then when you dial out the mobile number its just dead no response this is the same thing that keeps happening over and over friends tell me they cant get hold of me sometimes the line is just dead when they call i cant call anyone on a mobile number and its normally a month or so before i know that its not working as i just give up and use my mobile


Hi @Nomis138 thanks for your reply.

Okay thank you, you've mentioned the beeping tone when you go to dial, does this happen on all calls even to landline numbers before it rings through?

Also, do you know if it matters which network the other mobile user is on, is there a pattern noticed at all? 

Many thanks