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telephone landline

hi just querying a question for my elderly mother had her landline fixed the other day engineer stated they can if it plays up again come off her hub what i want to know is, she has one phone in the hall to the virgin mater socket and a splitter so she has a phone in kitchen now in the hall there is no electrical socket the hub is in the living room with no phone sockets she also a cordless up stairs too a slave socket so how would it all work if she went through hub and do you still pay phone line 

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Re: telephone landline

VM may offer to move the phone to a connection via the hub where there are ongoing problems with the existing conventional landline. It is easier for VM to do this than investigating/repairing the fault. In addition, there is a general move for all telecoms providers to move to a connection via the router. This is with a view to decommissioning the existing phone system by 2025. More info below on that

If VM did move your mother's connection to the hub, the cost of the service would not change. It would just be delivered by a different means.

In regard to how it would be all connected together, the most simple way is to use cordless telephones. The base station plugs into the VM hub and cordless extensions are used elsewhere, as required.

Alternatively, VM should also offer to reconnect existing telephone extension sockets to the hub (and that is mentioned in the above link). In practice, this seems to be a very hit-and-miss process as to whether it actually gets done. There are regular complaints on the forum about extension sockets not being re-connected for a telephone service via the VM hub even when asked for by the customer.

One other point worth noting is that the landline service via the hub only works when the hub is working. If there is an issue with the hub or a power outage then the phone service stops working too. These potential outages can be an issue with other devices connected to the line such as burglar alarms and personal/medical alarms etc. VM do offer a limited emergency backup unit for 999 calls only for certain vulnerable customers to get around this. A mobile phone backup is also advisable.

The above link explains in detail before you consider making the move or not.