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talk international2, oomph sim

iI have been upgraded to oomph package. i see that talk international2 is added, what is it?  I can find info on talk more international2 but not talk international2.

I am also going to be getting an mobile sim card (5gb data) with the oomph package. Do i have to use the sim to keep the discounted package?

I have searched for the above and am disappointed that there is so much information available on various options but little of it tells what one wants to know, this applies across the board to all the packages and options. I must admit that I am considering cancelling all my contracts because it is so unnecessarily hard to find answers to what are simple questions and problems. I never had problems with Sky

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Re: talk international2, oomph sim

Hi Neil23, thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear you've had some issues clearing up these queries around your package. I take it that Talk International 2 is the same as Talk Extra International, and Talk More International 2 is Talk More International Anytime. Information around these can be found here on the website ( sorry if it's not very clear.


Our Talk Extra International add-on lets you catch up with loved ones whenever you want with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in selected destinations around the world.

The add-on lets you call landlines in 50 countries as well as offering inclusive minutes to mobiles in selected countries including Poland, India and the USA.



With our Talk More International Anytime package, you get all the great benefits of Talk More Anytime plus inclusive minutes to international landlines in over 50 countries.

To choose this package, select the Talk Weekends call plan then personalise your order in the checkout with Talk More International Anytime. For a full list of call rates to international destinations, check out our everyday call charges guide.


With regards to the Oomph SIM, it will only need to be used from time to time (for a call/text at least once every 90 days) because if it's not used it will deactivate automatically which may cause issues with your Oomph package. If you have another number you'd like to use (even if it's from another provider) you can port that in and use it as your Oomph SIM which may save you a few quid.


Hope this helps. If you have any more concerns please let us know.



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