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hi had switch date set for 23july from talk talk to virgin media for broadband and phone yet told could not switch till 28aug as thay needed to to some pull work intalation was 3rd sep ok yet was given a new phone number by virgin 

so asked for old number so two weeks later after hours on phone to them yes 8/10 days

great just got of phone thay can't port phone number as talk talk disconnected my phone line and virgin unable to port it 

if virgin had switched on date thay said no problem 

now have to give everyone new numbers hospital/doctors


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello onmoreby


Sorry to hear of the problems with both your installation and the transfer of your landline number from Talk Talk. We appreciate the frustration this can cause and you taking the time to raise this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


As you have been advised we can only transfer from an active line and in this case the number is no longer active. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused.



if vigin had switched on correct date would of been fine yet thay said 23 july and did't conect till 28 aug there fault 

We appreciate that the delay in the installation has had an impact obmoreby and apologise again for the inconvenience caused. Depending on the reason for the delay of the installation we sometimes rely on permissions from a third party like your local council to complete work required.



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thats understandable yet i gave my addresse and post code 

so would't thay know work had to be done????

then give a switch date yet thay just gave a switch date and then told me work had to be done if known this would of changed switch date from talk talk 

dont give a date if cant switch on that date thats all i asked for 

yet incompatants has left me out of pocket and changed my phone number total irrisponsable of company

It depends on the work required, if it was external they may not have known until the actual visit for example a blocked duct and depending on where the issue was this may have required third party permission. Once we knew of the delay then you should have been made aware to ensure Talk Talk didn't deactivate the line.



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thats the point i'am trying to get over

lack of comunications talk to virgin for 4 weeks about phone line and all got 

will be sortted 8/10 

never told of extra work

until 23rd switch date

if told earlier would of held talk talk off

I am sorry this has been the experience, we can't get the number for you but will ensure that feedback is given to the agents who have worked on this during the process to ensure any knowledge gaps are resolved.



Rob all i want was my old number virgin told yes we can switch on a date yet could not don't agree a date until you can switch on a date 

And all i got from virgin was sorry for covenience and when talked to agent 

Yes will switch 8/10 days 

Not once but 3 times 

Would not reconmend virgin to friends/family 

I can appreciate the frustration caused regarding this one.

With regards to the delays was the service not extended with your previous provider during tha time?