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scam virgin internet problem call

Joining in

Just had a call from [MOD EDIT: Spoofed number] ( foreign sounding lady ) about me having problems with my internet connection not being good enough, asking questions about what's connected to the router and to check on the lights showing on the front , strung her on a bit and then she asked me to switch on my computer to check a few things , obviously to get info about my details etc , told her no way and then she dropped the call . She was stumped when i said light on router was Red ( it's in modem mode only ) but still followed her script .. be aware of these type of calls. Gerry



We get the same calls and usually the person claims to be from Openreach or from O2.

Don't respond with "Foxtrot Oscar, I'm with Virgin or Vodafone" or what ever because tomorrow that call will come again and they will have the correct ISP or mobile company thus lowering our guard a little and slow down the process of detecting a new scam call.