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no landline since changing hub?

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I accepted a free upgrade from VM for the new hub 5 at no extra cost!! so i took it.. I had previously a fully working hub3.. Since going to the hub 5 everything working except the landline? Had an engineer out on the bank holiday and his boos adviced him to changed the hub 5 to a hub 4.. I have exactly the same problem?? The engineer said there was no faults in my property and the hub no faults.. he looked on my account and said there was no telephone service? which was talk weekends and i have been paying for almost 18months.. I am in the process of another 18 months contract with VM but the landline is now not working.. If i log in to my hub the status shows wifi is active and internet/ethernet is active but the telephony is disabled??????? I Have called numerous times with VM and i am passed all around the globe to so called technical support that can't sort this out and keep suggesting an engineer.. The engineer i have had over this bank holiday told me that if an engineer is suggested that i say no! because it is a waste of time and the problem is with my account..... There is no dial tone my phone is displaying check line... on the hub its reported telephony disabled..... So unless the telephony disabled is active nothing will get through on my telephone...... 

However when the hub5 was not working i switched back to my hub 3 and all was well ???? The landline was working???? now ive gone from hub 5 to hub 4 both hubs the telephone is not working????? 

I have until tuesday 8/5/23 and if nothing is sorted on that day i am not going ahead with a new contract with VM and i shall never return to them again... I have been with VM for years hence my email is  which i will loose.... I can't phone 150 as i have no landline so getting through to customer support in the UK is none existent! 

I have gone from India to south africa and anywhere in between with my details...... what the hell is going on with VM ? They have gone right down hill with service and service's!!! I am now thinking if moving over to Sky or BT Openreach.... I only wished i had not changed my hub from the hub 3 to hub 5 and now more so the hub 4!

My telephones have been suggested as being the problem but they are not old and have never let me down on all the time i have been with VM. 

If the telephones are to be the issue then VM should either supply phones with there new hubs? You can't expect a customer to be paying out £50 or more just to accomadate VM new inventions on there hubs! ridicolous!

I have googled searched this problem and i seem to be not the only one but i can't seem to find a solution and an engineer who has already been to my property have said all looks good with wiring, equipment etc... It looks like an account issue which i can't get intouch with someone in the UK to sort it out.......especially with no landline to call 150


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No it’s not the phone itself, the issue, as mentioned by the tech and evidenced by what the hub is telling you, is that someone at VM has messed up when provisioning the new hub against your account? In doing so, they have managed to remove the telephony option from your account - this should be an easy fix, as long as you can get in touch with the right people to understand this. Also, and I don’t mean to be alarmist, but there is a non-zero chance, that when and if they do manage to get your phone working again, you may have a new number!

The only good bit of news is that as a complete outage, you are entitled to compensation from VM of a little over £9 per full day from when it all went off until it comes back - accepting that VM are allowed two full working days from when it went off, to fix it, before the compensation kicks in.

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Hi Thanks for the reply,, I found out by unplugging my cousins landline from his router hub 3 and logging in to his router that his telephony is active! Lit up in green where as mine is greyed out disabled! So i know that it does not matter if a landline phone is connected or not! The point is VM have to activate the telephony for your hub to display active! The amount of India call centre so called tech guys dont seem to know this and they all keep insisting its my landline phone and can i change to a different one! The i was told to go out and buy new phones to accomadate the hub LOL !!!! Then one guy insisted he was calling my landline and could hear it ringing LOL NO WAY!!! I have no dial tone !! if you do ring my number theres a message that this number is temporarily unavailable!  Ive had so many Indian techs telling me to go round and round in circles swapping phones etc..then to be told an engineer needs to be booked LOL what a joke!  The only number i have to call tomorrow is 03330005923 or 0800 052 0360 or 03301656731  this is madness which number do i call to get the right person? Without a landline to call 150 a VM customer is stuck unless you want to go globe trotting with your details ..

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Back2skooldaze


Sorry to hear of the issues with your landline, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We're eager to take a closer look at this for you and I will send you a Private message to get some more details. Keep an eye out for the envelope in the top right when signed into the forums and I look forward to hearing back from you.



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Seen as though no body has sorted this problem out with my telephone. Ive had 2 engineers both telling me nothing is wrong as my property with wiring or the equipment. The 2nd engineer called someone on his phone and they said this problem had been escalated to a higher department and someone was going to contact me within 12 top 24 hrs and that was last week which nobody has done? Since then i have paid my final bill and my services will be disconnected on june 11th. I have already disconnected the tv boxes etc.. ready to go back! I have had sky stream installed which is far better than VM.. There wireless tv boxes are fantastic there broadband speed is good as well as all the 4k ultra stuff and netlfix premium in my package for far less price that VM...

There customer service is fanastic... at least your not shoved around the world when calling them...

There's mean't to be a compensation scheme once this telephone problem has been resolved which as of yet its still off? VM have over charged me so they now owe me £18.00.

All i want is there equipment sent back and no more VirginMedia EVER!!! I've been with VM for years hence my email its so sad to see a once good company since richard branson owned has gone down hill !

BT Open reach are installing all over the place now everywhere you look theres a grey box on all properties where once upon a time it was a brown box VM boxes installed. I think VirginMedia need to pull there socks up or there going under! Even there customer service ppl i've spoken with have said VM need to change.

My brother worked for them and he heard lots of complaints from customers about not being paid money there owed or compensation or they had to wait months before they received it. Theres too many compaints about VM to list....

My telephone has been off since thursday before the Kings coronation and its still off! 

The 2 engineers have told me its definitelty and account issue and that someone has knocked off the telephony service and my account needed rebuilding. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Sincere apologies for the issues faced Back2skooldaze,

Regarding the package owing £18, is this from a bill produced since the disconnection was actioned?

Just from checking the thread I can see that our team has invited you into a PM.

To avoid confusion we'll allow responses from there.