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no 1471 or caller id since repair to line

Had an engineer out to fix a problem with the phone not ringing when we were called, this has been sorted, but since the repair there is no 1471 or caller id, which we had before the phone stopped working. Purchased new phones as we thought old phone might have been a issue, only to find out the caller display and 1471 still not working.

Phone virgin on 150 and spoke to a gentleman who didn't even understand that caller id is a service provided by Virgin, and kept telling me that it was the phone that provided that information, after a long time explaining how caller id is a feature on the phone but it relies on phone company to provide that information down the line. He then said he was going to pass me to 2nd line support, which he didn't but kept me hanging for what seemed like forever then came back and 2nd line support would switch that facility back on again and it would be back within 24 hours.

Well guess what still nothing.

I know from searching this community this has happened to a lot of other users, so when an engineer fixes a line why don't they check all functionality before signing job off.

So this is not really a question for the community more really for a Mod to pick up and finally get this FIXED, nobody wants to buy a call blocking phone and still get nuisance calls, plus I have splashed out on new phones and I didn't have too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: no 1471 or caller id since repair to line

Hi @fegsy,


Welcome to our Community Help Forum 🙂


Thank you for making your first post regarding the call features that are no longer working since your engineer visit.


I would like to try and get 1471 and Called ID back on your landline for you, I was unable to locate your account from the information provided on your forum profile.


So I shall send you a private message now so that I can take a look at this further for you.


Best wishes,



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