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migrated with no notification

Joining in

Today I have attempted to call my 92 year old dependant father at our pre defined time. All I get is automatically diverted to VM help (or lack of) desk. They informated me that our phone line has been disconnected today with no prior notification, this is supposedly ready for migration to digital voice. This has left me with no way for my 92 yr old father who is completely blind dependant on calling at many times of the day to contact me. It has left me with no means of calling the emergency services for my wife who suffers from Chrohns disease. It has left me with no means of our burglar alarm making notifications, leaving me with possible insurance issues. Lastly I own a small business and now have no means of comunicating with our customers so losing me business. On top of this whilst the Virgin operator was very pleasant she could not offer any solution for at least 4 days and insurprisingly the urgent call she said she would request from an egineer or superviser have not happened.
We are disgusted with this customer service and the fact that your company has done this with no notice.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi adriansu,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to hear your Landline has isn't working due to our Landline Switchover not being done, we do send multiple communication advising the change before this happens, really sorry if you didn't see these or were aware of the change.

We appreciate you worries for both your Fathers and your Wife's health and the importance of the Phoneline, I will send you an Invite into a private chat, once received I will do all I can to get this resolved.