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lost landline number

I requested to change from Virgin to Vodaphone, on 17 June. The BT Openreach engineer was unable to install the line for Vodaphone so I called Virgin and asked them not to cancel the contract. Vodaphone cancelled the new contract because of the technical issues in installing the new line. Virgin assured me the number would not be disconnected. It was disconnected however the next day. They then told me that Vodaphone needed to activate the number before they could take it back. I escalated this to the directors office at Vodaphone as my mum 84 years old, has a life line on the number and relies on that if she falls or anything else happens.  Virgin visited the house and installed a new line and gave me a temporary number to use whilst the old number was being ported back. Virgin are now saying that the old number cannot be ported back as it is not a BT openreach active number. BT Openreach told me they only do the line installation and don't hold the numbers. Vodaphone told me they have activated the number and put it in a status so it can be ported. Virgin are still saying they are unable to get the number. I am a full time carer for my mum who is 84 yrs old with serious medical issues. I do not have hours to spend on hold waiting for another customer service person to tell me nonsense. How on earth is mum going to remember a new number when she barely recognises me at times.

We’ve had that number for over 45 years! I was told in that last message just to carry on using the temporary number supplied-how am I supposed to let credit card companies,bank,doctors,hospital and everyone else know the number has changed? Surely my old number is out there somewhere?

Please help me with sensible answers that resolve this issue which is getting my old number back. Thank you

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