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landline phone not working

Joining in

my landline phone isnt working has been down since friday 18th november have phoned virgin up keep getting message saying they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi choccy,

Many apologies for the landline issues and welcome back to the community.

From checking our service I can see that our team have raised a fault in the area for this.

The estimated fix time they have given is the 24th November at 13:30.

Apologies for the inconvenience at this time, our team will try to resolve this matter as soon as they can.



Knows their stuff

Be aware this is not an actual  'fix time' it's an estimated date. 

Been there, and STILL waiting for a fix after 12 days, despite fix time repeatedly moving (lost landline on 14th, 'fix date' was 16th, then 18th, then 21st now 24th, BUT, have NO faith this will not move again later today. )

Ask for the fault number, and then make an official complaint using the fault number. (VM are 'supposed' to reply within 24hours, BUT, I made a complaint on 21st, now 24th and NOTHING)  Just shows how little 'interest' VM haver in paying customers. 

Basically, VM don't care.  

In my case, 12 days yet they repeatedly state 'our engineers are currently on site and working hard to fix the problem'. For 12 days, and they haven't fixed it??   Classic VM  B/S!!

Many apologies for the problems you are facing HughJarsse,

These are estimations given from the team within the area as stated in the previous post.

From checking our service I can see that you're currently in a PM with our team on another thread.

To avoid confusion I'll allow them to carry on with the investigation of your issue.



Knows their stuff

Just thought I'd warn the OP that VM will not make too much effort to 'fix' his problem, (along with many others!) and to take ANYTHING VM say with a VERY large pinch of salt!! 😬

'fix dates' are just imaginary dates 'plucked' from thin air, and bear no resemblance to 'reality' !!

No problem,

All the best and our team will work to get the issue resolved.

Take care,


home phone still not working is it a problem with just my phone or a general problem in the area if it is just our phone could i request an engineer to look into the problem

Hi @choccy


I am sorry, the estimated fix time has been changed to tomorrow 25th at 10am.


This is a known area issue, and we have engineers working on this. 


You can check for updates here 


We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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