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Tuning in

Friday afternoon we became aware that our VM landline wasn't working, it had been earlier in the day. the phone is plugged into a VM wall socket. The phone display shows check phone line, there is no dial tone, cannot make or receive calls. According to the Myvirginmedia app there are no issues in my area. I am not the only one to have been without a landline in my street for the last couple of days. i contacted VM customer service, who cut me off twice before getting through at the third attempt. customer service said it was probably to do with a planned switch over to digital line. we have not been informed of any switch over in our post code. The VM customer service rep then said she had arranged for a technician to call on Tuesday morning. I received a text message to say the technician visit had been cancelled due to it being a network issue. i received a further text message yesterday evening saying the fault had been rectified and all services had been restored. I and others on my street (B30 2JY) still have no land line dial tone,

the VM service status says there are no known issues for B30 2JY, but there continues to be no landline functionality. I have just spoken to customer services again to be told there IS a network fault in my postcode, and it is not due to be fixed until the 10th of August at the earliest. i then asked if my line could be migrated to the digital platform but was told that cannot happen until the current issue is resolved.

What is going on? it is unfair that VM customers should be inconvenienced in this way without any support from VM


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, Davidrist, thank you for reaching our help forums and for your posts here.

We're sorry to hear of the landline issues you've had recently and the confusion caused by the advice you've received so far, we'd love to help with this in the best way we can.

Upon our latest checks there seems to be an issue with our local network that may cause intermittencies, which is due to be resolved by 10th August after 2pm based on the latest updates we have.

We apologise as this does not appear on our service status page currently when checking for issues on the landline however due to this fault our new line via fibre would fail to activate and work due to the local network issues, hence our advice to wait for this to be resolved before we can install the line via fibre.

As we've already reported a landline outage on the account following your communications with us, we'll monitor and try fixing this remotely in the meantime (line via wall socket).

If the fault persists once the area problems have cleared, we'll be happy to arrange a visit from our engineer and switch your landline to our new fine via fibre so we can resolve this.

Please, pop us a new message after Thursday 10th August when this problem will be fixed and we're eager to book you in free of cost as well as review your account regarding the service loss of your line during this time.

Forum Team

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