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landline not working

I moved house in June and since then my landline has not worked, I have called virgin technical time four times regarding this issue to be told different things 

1- yes it should be working there is no faults on line in your area

2- you need to plug the phone  into the back of the router we will send you the wires to do this (never received wires)

3- we will send you wires again

4- we don't do traditional landlines anymore and if I want extra wires I would have to provide them myself

My issue is I am paying for a landline, not an internet phone what would happen if my internet was down and I needed to make an emergency call I could not be able to do this and could mean life or death.

I am seriously considering changing providers because since I moved house I have had nothing but trouble with my service which virgin can seem to rectify. I had no problems with my virgin service at my old house which is only 500 yards away from new house 


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Re: landline not working

Hi there,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting on the community regarding your landline issue - sorry to hear you've been having some trouble with it since moving home.


Can I firstly check that you do have your landline plugged into your router using an RJ11 adapter (the black small adapter that should be plugged into the top back of your router)? Now when we install our services at all new build properties, we will set them up for DOCSIS technology which means that your landline will need to be plugged into your router in order to receive the service.


Can you tell me a little bit more about the issue you have? Do you have no dial tone at all or is it something else?





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