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landline not working because our number hasn't been ported

Tuning in


we recently chose to come back to your service as we originally left several years back when the price became too expensive, we ended up plumping with TalkTalk as they were cheaper, except they messed up our landline (callers tended to go direct to voice mail rather than get through to us) even when we were in and this got annoying as we tried many times to ge them to send a BT engineer but they never agreed as they don't like paying for one...

anyway around two weeks ago we decided to switch back to virgin but the process has been frustrating.

we were promised an engineer to come round and setup everything, but were sent a quick start kit so no engineer. (we still needed one as the cable supplied was too short and we needed our extensions hooked up to the vm router)

so we had to ring support once the pack arrived (when we originally signed up on the phone we asked to keep our existing landline number) which the phone lady said would be transfered. The engineer who we go to come had to request it again as he found no mention of it, then told us it would take 3-4 days yet on these very forums i've seen users say 14 days. none of this was told to us when signing up. only that the number would be transfered as soon as the TalkTalk service ceases (which it has)

so 8 days passed and still no working phone but at least broadband works. so we ring again (we have a temporary number atm and can only dial out but not receive calls) the individual we spoke with then told us again they had no record of the landline number being transfered so said it would be requested again.

long story short, the line was terrible, we can't understand what they say as they talk too fast and there's a lot of background noise. we got cut off twice, the same (sigh) person rang back but then ended the call because he or she said they couldn't hear us. they did say they would request the transfer again and then say 10 days wait but that was when they hung up.

we rung again and got passed around on hold a few times and then left hanging so gave up. (crappy hold music)

so we're just wondering how do we get our landline number sorted when we can't talk to anyone? and they say they have no record of the number transfer or port as some call it.

also the amount of times we had to say the characters of our memorable word was ridiculous.

is there any other support numbers to call apart from 150 and the 0345 / 0800 number from the booklet? because whatever happens you get put through someone who's not easy to understand and sorry is not helpful at all.

edit, this is response to the complaint i left on the vm website:

what a joke.what a joke.

(broken english, little bit of tech babble and it doesn't make much sense) why can't virgin get some people that actually know what they are doing to handle matters of support? (none of this "reading from a script" nonsense and people you can't understand)

we never had this problem when we were on virigin media in the past and no issue transfering our number from vm to talktalk.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @helenbarrall 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about the mishap with your landline.


I'll drop you a private message now to confirm some more details and investigate further, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



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Tuning in

well we had the engineer visit, well two engineers who this time claimed we couldn't use our extension sockets anymore because they were connected to the bt mastersocket and they said they couldn't touch it (even though the first engineer who initially came round to install everything fiddled with the master socket)

only solution offered by these two was "you could get some cordless phones"

my son managed to solve the phones not working after they left, turns out the router only likes 3 phones connected to via our old style extensions via the master socket.

the original engineer made the extensions loop back to the hub via the landline cable but failed to test that the phones all worked. we thought it was because of the number port taking ages but it's been working all this time...and just needed one phone unplugged for 3 phones to ring. 4 was two many.

also why does the tel 2 socket on the router do nothing? is it meant to work? because my son tried to plug another phone into that but got no dial tone, he even tried one phone without the others plugged into tel 1 and still no dial tone. he looked on the router settings and there's nothing about the second phone socket there and nothing in the booklets that came with the virgin equipment. only mentions tel 1 socket.