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intermitted fault cannot hear caller

Joining in

Intermittent fault  in that the caller can hear us but we can't hear them. Dialling tone is heard and appears to dial number but no ringing sound on our side even though the phone of the person we are calling rings out. Can also happen if someone phones us they can hear us but we can't hear them. Happens on all cordless phones in the house. Copied from Nelcon's post (Jan 23) - we have exactly the same issues. If anyone has had this problem rectified by Virgin please advise how as Virgin seem at a loss and cannot co-ordinate their back office and engineers to resolve our fault. Ongoing for serval weeks with no one at Virgin prepared to follow this through and fix the problem. 


Alessandro Volta

Is this issue for a phone connection via the back of the VM hub?

If so, it has been mentioned on here lots of times before. Complaints often refer to one-way communication and/or calls cutting off altogether in the middle of a conversation.

Someone might move your topic to 'Home Phone' as you probably won't get a VM forum team reply here in 'Community Natter'