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how do I book a enginner

Joining in

How can I book online message tells me to come back in 72 hours no good to me


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @athej thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

What are you needing to book an engineer for please, can you provide a little more information about what it is you need support with and we'll be able to help and advise over here for you?

Many thanks


I have a fault on internet and have being advised to try again for suoort in 72 hours

What is the point I do not have internet service NOW not in 72 Hours time

Can I have a reply

Hi @athej thanks for your reply.

So you have mentioned you don't have internet service at the moment, but we can see that the Hub is online at the moment, with devices connected to it? Can you please clarify what is happening and what your fault is please?

Many thanks