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fibre phone not working

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got a load of messages from virgin saying plug your phone and adapter in after 9am on 2nd Nov. Did that all connected up rebooted the modem. Phone comes up "check line" no dialling tone rechecked it sill the same., Plugged it back into the wall socket dialling tone there and still working ? I thought the wall socker would be switched off when the date came. Does this mean they havent done the work virgins end to change over ???



Alessandro Volta

Sometimes the process doesn't run to schedule.

Leave the phone in the wall socket. When the wall socket stops working try the connection via the hub.

Some have reported on here a full 24 hours before the switchover has fully completed with a partial service in between (e.g. things like calls out but not in until the switchover completes).

In some cases the switchover has become 'stuck' and incomplete requiring a tech visit. If that happens post back on here.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @grabam 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

We are so sorry that the switchover has not completed as expected and thank you so much to goslow for their advise so far, are you able to monitor the connection at the wall and switch it once this has stopped? 

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why keep texting ppl to say its going to be then dont bother texting to say its not happening on time

it seems ok now what do i have to do to get my TRUCALL Device to work with the fibre network

Thanks for the response

Alessandro Volta

What is the issue with the trueCall device (assuming you mean the standalone unit below)?

When VM switches phone connections to the back of the VM hub, we have seen past topics on here where the trueCall device no longer recognises caller ID correctly.

In past cases, the customer has been able to get the trueCall device working again by contacing trueCall customer support.

trueCall customer support has been able to 'dial in' and access the trueCall device remotely and tweak the settings to match the caller ID and line conditions of the VM phone line from the hub.

trueCall contact info is here

If you use the trueCall online web portal you may be able to log a support ticket via that route.

Thanks for coming back to us grabam, are you able to use the advice from goslow to contact true call and ask for this to be looked into as we cannot see any issues from our side. 

Kind Regards,