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On our wavelength

Transfered to fibre line via hub but it appears this has been asigned a new number but my old number is still active on the old line which was already coneccted to the fibre network. Virgin dont know what is going on not able to talk to anyone human. Frustrating.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mervynburrows, welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about this issue with your number following the landline switchover. 

Just to make sure we are on the same page about what the issue is here can you let us know the following:

-How are you checking the active number on the landline currently?

-Are you able to make and receive calls since the switchover?

-How many phones do you currently have connected to the hub? 

If you can give us a little more info about your current set up this may help!
Thank you. All the best



Hi New fibre connection has been assigned a new number my original number no longer works please can you reinstate removed . New number is removed can make and receive calls from this number with 1 phone connected to hub

thank you

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now spoken to advisor on 150 and old number is going to be reinstated in the next 24 hours. Hopefully this will take place.

Thanks for the update @mervynburrows, and I'm pleased to hear a fix is in place.

Do please feel free to report back to us in 24 hours, and if our input is required, we'll be on hand to assist.

Kindest regards,


How can Virgin change your phone number without letting the customer know is beyond me. Please be aware if you have old originally assigned BT numbers with 5 digits you may suffer the same fate , keeping my fingers crossed that it gets fixed.   Have warned friends in local area that have these numbers to be very aware when changing over.

Hi @mervynburrows thanks for your reply.

We appreciate this is frustrating and do apologise - please let us know if you need any further help if this remains unresolved in the future.
Many thanks


Well so much for virgins promise to fix it in 24 hours no action so far in restoring my number

Thank you for your reply mervynburrows. 

I have taken a look from our side and there does appear to be an update on this matter. 

To discuss this further, I will pop you over a private message which will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page.