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Joining in

so i never recieved a letter about the switchover date, i have a email that states the 29/4 and the 16/5 , I am now not able to make calls on the current landline but can recieve, I have set up the new landline into the router and there is no dial tone, so does this mean 15 days without being able to make outbound calls ?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @scashman 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. The letter that you have received will state that your switchover date is the 29th April and you have until the 16th May to contact us to arrange a visit for the switchover to occur should you not be able to do yourself. During that meantime you will have restricted calls. 

With contact made to us and clearing data protection via the communication written on the letter, we can lift the restriction to allow outbound calls to be made until your final switchover date been completed with your new 21 Century Voice system. 

Hope this helps.


Hi, as I stated I have plugged in the new equipment into the new router and there is no dial tone and no indication red or green on the router as stated 

Hi @scashman 👋.

Thanks for getting back in touch, as prior mentioned you will be on restricted on your calls, that will require formal contact as written on the letter to be lifted in order for you to continue making outgoing calls. 

If you have set up for 21 Century Voice and still no not have a dial tone, as well as a red light on the Hub, it would require further assistance to be activated. An engineer would be required to visit your home.

We can send you a private message in order to look into this for you, please lookout for the envelope at the top right, or if you are on a mobile device the messages will be under your profile icon.