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do i have a ghost making phone calls ?

I keep getting told im using my landline to make outgoing calls

This is a lot of tosh i never ever use my landline to make calls out all im told is the number im caling is a 0845 number this has been going on well over a year and ok its only 26p and 13p each time BUT why should i be paying for these calls when ive never made them ? its like im being told im lying and that i have made them  And the only way to stop this is to have incoming calls only  [BUT YOU CANT] so how do i make sure virgin dont charge me again ive brought this up a few times and they will not give out this number im supposed to have called its being exactly the same number every time

Makes me wonder whos lying here  because they wont give me this number im calling all the time and it wont show on my bill because its under 50p


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Re: do i have a ghost making phone calls ?

You can elect to see the detail of ALL calls, not just those over 50p.  You need to call customer services on 150 and request they remove the threshold to provide you with fully itemized call details.

Regarding the ghost calls, dial 174 and an automated voice will tell you what your line's number is.  If it's not what you were expecting to hear then your line may have got swapped with someone else's in the street cabinet and that person is making the calls on your number.



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Re: do i have a ghost making phone calls ?

Hi Lyndia,


Sorry to hear about the outbound calls issue you are having, I'll send you a Private Message asking for more details so I can help take a look for you.


Please reply to it and we'll go from there.





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