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crank calls and scammers

Hi I have a land line from virgin and keep getting these calls where people hang up the number says' number out of area'

I managed to catch it yesterday and the guy said he was from BT open reach and there was a fault on my line so i said he was a scammer and he hung up, 

I am still getting these calls but with no one on the line. what can be done to block it does anyone have any ideas

custmer service has directed me to tps service 

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Re: crank calls and scammers

Advice from VM on what they and you can do:

VM cannot block calls at source. How would they know what they are? The scammers also spoof numbers and change them regularly to get round any call blocking lists.

Tps is not always successful but it definitely helps to stop calls from reputable organisations who obey the rules but who may otherwise call you from lists they have got from elsewhere.. The scammers just ignore it because they know they can't be traced.


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