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cordless handset connection

Please help me someone??I give up trying to contact Virgin!!!!!


1) I lost mobile (virgin)...bought brand new handset, virgin replaced sim card - I cannot make outgoing calls with new sim card.  Tried virgin connect app - it says upgrade to HUB 3 (I have old superhub 2) - however, I am unable to do this online as it tells me to call however I have no phone?! (I am not tech savy btw). Questions: Do I need a HUB3 to get my mobile to work? How can order HUB3 online?

2)  Virgin landline: I haven't used this for a while - it always worked before.   Given current mobile problems, I bought cordless panasonic handsets.  Looks like I need a cable to run from the handset to the superhub2 router (if this even exists?) although there does not look like there is a port for a phone cable?? Question: If such a cable exists where do I buy 1, please do not suggest virgin - please!!!

3)  Has anyone else experienced difficulty with problem solving of any kind with Virgin??  I find the site impossible to get help, or livechat, or request engineer, or just help me solve a problem that is probably super easy??....It is so frustrating when you pay a fortune for a service and there is no help available?

4)  I have upgraded to a bigger bundle (£95 per month tv, phone, broadband) as a last resort to get connected in the vain hope that my stuff is just outdated?!  Question: Do I get a new hub and tivo box with this?? there is zero explanation anywhere?

Thank you guys, any help is much appreciatedx

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Re: cordless handset connection

Hi Araleneaa,

Thanks for your post and welcome to forums 🙂
I am sorry you are having a number of issues and I will do my best to assist you.

Can you receive calls? Or is it ongoing and outgoing? Can you text? What model of phone do you have? the connect app is for the connection of wifi in your home and this will not affect your mobile.

With your landline, do you know when you were installed was this a socket? Or was it a voice over the internet?

Not quite sure what issues you are having with your bundle, when you signed up did we advise you would get a new box and hub or was it just your package?



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