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can anyone answer my queries?


On Jan' 10th i posted on here about my landline suddenly not working. Here's that post...

On Jan' 28th i had a Virgin engineer spend about 1 hour here, but he couldn't fix my landline.
He said my actual phone is working, but the phoneline that comes into the house was dead. He tried many ways, but he couldn't fix it.
So i could get my landline back he got permission from Virgin to run my landline through my Hub3. I have no idea what the technical term is for this.
Basically he plugged the wire that come in my wall, into the back of my Hub3. So i now have a landline, but it's only plugged into my Hub3.
Does anyone know what this landline phone system is called? Is that what VoIP is?
Anyway...because of my landline now runs through my Hub3 it means if my Hub suddenly stops landline will also go down. So he said i could ask for a free back up box, which would work my landline if my Hub3 goes wrong. Does anyone know what that back up box is called? Can i order it on here?

The screenshot is the email report i got of what he did.
Screenshot 2023-02-16 035118.png


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The backup box only allows you to dial 999 in a power cut situation. It's only given to vulnerable people who have no mobile.


For most people in the unlikely event the hub goes down you can use your mobile phone.

The BT Openreach plan to close down the analogue telephone service by the end of 2025 means that many telcos and ISPs are in the process of moving to offering telephone services delivered from an internet Hub or Router.   BT's  domestic internet router also has a telephone socket on the rear of it ready to take over the "house phone" service from the end of life analogue telephone lines.

The VM telephone service via the Hub is described as VOIP or 21CV ( 21CN for Openreach) but is only VOIP for Virgin Media, the customer is still limited to using an analogue telephone.  One can not buy a true VOIP phone and connect it to the VM VOIP service because VM do not share the connection settings.

Domestic landlines are going the way of the dodo - the 1870s concept of one phone being at a home or business is long gone. Many people now don't have a home phone service or if they do it is only because their ISP has forced it into a monthly bundle.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey geriann, thank you for reaching out.

I have replied to the PM you have sent me. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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