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Vulnerable person landline issue

Tuning in

My elderly parents have been without a landline since last Wednesday. There is no known fault in the area. They are both very frail, one has terminal cancer and is on palliative care at home and the other has Alzheimer's. I have POA for both which you customer service people refuse to acknowledge despite me sending three copies into you. 

They cannot be upgraded to a wifi phone line as they have a community alarm which requires a normal phone line to operate. At the moment if either of them were to fall and were unable to get up their alarm buttons they wear on their wrists do not work as the community alarm is not connected. I have raised three complaints and we are no closer to having the issue resolved the timeline is below. 

The first complaint was logged on Wednesday 28 June. Despite pleading the earliest an engineer could visit was Saturady 1 July.

An engineer came to fix the issue on Saturday 1 July. He did not fix the issue. Their phone line still does not work and they still have no access to their community alarm in case of any fall. He said an engineer would come out on Monday. No engineer arrived. Their phone line was still dead.

A contact to customer service was appalling and they said there was nothing wrong with the phone line. Other than it being completely dead and neither the phone or the community alarm working. They agreed an engineer would call out Wednesday 5 July. The engineer came out and said all he had been instructed to do was to install an emergency phone which they can use to call 999. Their landline still does not work and neither does their community alarm. If either of them fall, which happens often they need to press their emergency button which they wear at all times as it is unlikely they can get up to be able to call for help. The emergency phone installed is neither use nor ornament as it requires someone to be able to get into the ktichen and stand up to the breakfast bar to be able to call for help. This does not in any way alleviate the legal burden on Virgin Media towards vulnerable people who may come to harm as a direct result of the lack of telephone service which powers their emergency alarm. 

As things stand we have no idea when the phone line will ever be fixed and nothing has been stated to us about what the next step will be. The indian call centre 'Customer unservice' simply don't understand enough english to be able to decipher what a community alarm is and don't seem to be able to tell us what is happening. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Cinnamon009.

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

I am so sorry to read the above and will do my best to get this resolved for your parents.

It must be a very worrying time for you.

Regarding the line it will need to go though the Hub now.

The government have made the decision to upgrade all Telecom lines to Fibre with in the next few years.

All Care Alarm Companies will be aware of this and have a plan of action to set up the new care tags.

I can arrange foe the line to be set up and the Emergency phone to be relocated as well.

Can I send you a private message to get your parents account details please.

If you can check the logo  top right of your screen that would be great.