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Voicemail dial tone

Tuning in

I’m getting the intermittent dial tone on my landline but 1571 tells me, correctly, that there are no messages. Can the dial tone be reset to the normal one?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi cat60, thank you for reaching out to our help forums and sorry to hear of the issue with the intermittent dial tone in your line and the voicemail.

Just to be sure, can you clarify if there is a problem with a message notification on the voicemail?

If so, try leaving a new voicemail on the phone. Once you've done this, listen to the new voicemail in full until you're prompted to delete it, at which point you can go ahead and do this.


If that doesn't work, check the voicemail inbox is definitely empty by deleting all messages, including any saved ones, and to then perform a reboot (not a factory reset) of the handset.


If the issue remains, let us know here.

About the intermittent dial tone issue, could you please let us know if this happens when picking up the handset to dial a number in general or when calling your voicemail service to check for messages only?

Please, share more and we're eager to help you.

Forum Team

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Thanks for replying. There is no problem with the message notification (having done what you suggested) and the inbox is definitely empty.

by ‘reboot the handset’ I assume you mean just power off and one, which I have done, to no avail.

The intermittent dial tone happens whenever I pick up the handset to dial any number.

yes, I still have the problem.

Hi cat60,

Thank you for coming back to us. That is strange - does the intermittent tone have a pattern to it, or does it sound broken and random? Are you able to make and receive calls without any issues?


Tuning in


It is the regular intermittent tone (usually) indicating there is a new message.

yes, the phone is working perfectly other than this dial tone.

Hi @cat60.

And are there any voicemails that are yet to be read or stored under the saving facility, or is the mailbox completely clear?



The mailbox is completely clear.

Hi @cat60.

Thanks for letting us know, we need to do a few more diagnostics, could you please try a different handset in the Hub, and just refresh the set up of the system as shown in this link 👉 

Let us know how you get on.


Unfortunately that link gives page not found.

Hi @cat60 

Try this one, it bypasses that troublesome page. 👉 Landline set up.